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What’s this flowww thing I keep hearing about?

Wednesday March 25, 2020, the book reached #7 on Amazon’s Best-Seller list.

‘Flowww’ is a website adaptation of the widely accepted customer journey: Awareness, Consideration, Desire, Action (ACDA). Visitors travel through your website, view more pages, spend more time on page, become better-informed prospects, and trust you more.

Flowww is the execution of an on-page link strategy honed throughout a decade of real-world testing and tweaking on 500+ websites. Flowww guides website visitors through content in a manner resembling a mind map.

In The Art of Flowww, author and marketer Randy Milanovic shares how website owners can convert the majority of website visitors into better customers and champion referrers. 

The theme behind Flowww Sites has been engineered to flowww. It’s a very unique approach to creating agency-grade websites at an incredibly reasonable price point. Flowww Sites are perfect for any small business or local business that employs a consultative selling model, such as service businesses, B2B, and storytellers of all sorts.

User tips:

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